November Gardening Tips and To-do List by Planting Zone and Region



Winter is nearly upon us. Are you ready?

Gardeners miss their gardens then the weather is cool, but we in addition enjoy the rest. If you’re dreading the long-spun winter, the good news is in that place’s still more to do.

You’ve draw near to the right place if you are wondering which you should be doing around your garden for the time of November.

I’m going to allotment with you the gardening tasks you may poverty to attend to this month by dint of zone and region.

This should withstand you cross-reference your needs and bestow the ultimate care to your garden for example you’re preparing for colder months.

Here are your November gardening tips to act around your garden:


Garden Chores by the agency of Planting Zone

Zone Three

Have you had smaller amounts of rain in your belt? Before the ground freezes solid, employment this time to water the trees and shrubs thoroughly.

Take the time this month to bridle any potatoes, garlic, or onions you may require stored in your root cellar. Be certain to check them for any signs of decompose as this could spread and overwhelm other foods you’re saving in spite of use this winter.

This is too an excellent time to take care of some of your power and garden tools. Be safe to clean, sharpen, and make at all repairs to them before storage.

Be secure you store them in a standing where they’ll be protected from the elements of hibernate. Also, clean up any birdhouses you’re planning without ceasing leaving out over the winter.

Fill them by food to help out any birds your circuit survive this cold season.

Zone Four

Now is the time to entirely up your garden thoroughly. Go end and make sure all debris is remote from the garden areas.

This be inclined make it difficult for any pests or diseases to fall in with a spot to overwinter in your garden.

Take the time to care with a view to any new trees you may desire recently planted. Their bark isn’t tough sufficiency to survive elements this zone provides.

Therefore, infold the trunks to protect the bay over the winter months.

When the at the outset snow and ice storms hit, keep aloof from the temptation to remove snow and frosting from your wintergreen shrubs and trees.

You may object more damage trying to remove these elements from the plants than suppose that they’re allowed to stay.

While caring in favor of your trees this month, be certainly to go around your fruit trees and perfect up any fruit which may subsist lying beneath them.

This should have being your last month to cut the grass. When giving your lawn the latest cut for the year, be strong to cut it short.

If you put on’t, the grass could mold under the wet snow this winter what one can harm your lawn.

Take this month to care by reason of your perennials. Wait until the clod freezes fully. When it has, tack on mulch to cover the perennials perfectly.

This will stop them from going from one side the constant cycle of freezing and liquefaction which can cause damage to the establish.

The final thing you should prepare this month to care for your garden is to ostentation care to your compost pile. Give it a act of turning and see if it feels tedious.

If it does, superadd some water to the compost accumulate and work it in. This resolution help get your garden off to a adapted start the next growing season.

Zone Five

Do you take delight in growing your own garlic? November is the month to establish garlic if you live in belt five. After planting the garlic have being sure to cover the bed through six inches of mulch.

November is besides the month to finish harvesting at all remaining root veggies which are in continuance in the ground.

You may not have being aware, but some people grow their concede Christmas trees. If you’re planning in succession doing this, be sure to eventuate ahead and dig the holes to what you plan on planting the tree or trees.

If you slip on’t do this now, the turf will be too frozen to etc the hole later.

Finally, take care of your perennials this month. Any perennials, that isn’t a spring flower, rose, or a gramineous plant, should be cut back to and nothing else two to three inches tall.

However, your roses should have existence pruned to where they’re nearly one foot tall. Add compost to the base of the put in seed and put a rose cone on all sides it to protect the plant from the bluff winter.

Zone Six

Fall is upon you in climate six, and you’ve probably noticed each increase in leaves around your property. Use this month to come by them cleaned up before winter hits.

They’re lofty to use as a mulch onward your garden beds, or you be possible to use the leaves as a element for your compost.

This is your greatest chance to plant any bulbs you’d like to be attentive bloom in spring. If you take delight in spring color, use this month to propose some bulbs in the ground.

If you’re increasing lettuce and spinach, check on them. They’ll greatest part likely need to be thinned fully at some point during November.

Any crops you’re planning in succession leaving out over winter should gain a thick layer of mulch or stalk added to them for insulation purposes.

Harvest in any degree remaining cabbage, carrots, Brussel sprouts, and colewort. If you store them properly, you be possible to enjoy some of your crops every one of winter long.

Be steady to pay attention to your perennials this month. They should have being cut back to where they’re single two to three inches in altitude. The exception for this is roses, mums, and somewhat spring flowers. Leave them be.

Zone Seven

If you’re in clime seven, you still have a not many things you can be doing or preparing with regard to November.

Be sure to preserve your crops before a hard congeal taking place. Crops such as lettuce, spinach, chives, and parsley disposition need to be covered if you’re expecting them to subsist able to survive a freeze.

Though freezing temperatures enjoin come in this month, you hush have time to plant. You have power to plant any trees, shrubs, or strawberry plants this month.

Use this time in like manner to collect any leaves which may require fallen around your property. They compose an excellent mulch for your garden beds, or they be able to be added to your compost collect as well, or use them conducive to fall decoration inside the house.

Zone Eight

November is nevertheless a busy month if you’re in belt eight. This is the time to establish your fruit trees.

You be possible to also plant Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, radishes, beets, spinach, carrots, colewort, and peas if you plant them in a covered yard such as a greenhouse, cold devise, or under a row cover.

Harvest the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant you planted earlier in the summer. You should too use this time to plant some strawberry plants you’d like to regard grow in the spring.

Zone Nine

Cold pass to windward of is beginning to set in, flat in zone nine. Tomatoes don’t treat of cold weather well, but you may comment on the plants are still producing and more of the fruit is still fresh.

Well, don’t waste your tomatoes. Instead, pull the love-apple plants up by the roots, rest them indoors and wait until the tomatoes be prepared before plucking the fruit and discarding the furnish with plants.

November is also a eminent time to plant garlic and onions in this girdle. Be sure to protect your lettuce and spinach crops since the cool weather moves in. They should exist covered when the temperatures drop.

Harvest a single one remaining cabbage, broccoli, carrots, turnips, and colewort you have remaining. Wait until later than the first frost because the ice will help the harvest be completely the sweeter in flavor.

Use the time you wish this month to add compost about the base of your citrus trees. Also, put in seed wildflowers this month.

You direction need to toss the seeds loudly into an opening or bed. Once they’ve been dispersed, libertine soil over the seeds.

Zone Ten

Zone ten is hopping for the period of November. It’s a time of noble growth, harvest, but also a time to house from the elements as well.

You should subsist harvesting beans, squash, any fruit, carrots, cucumbers, peas, lettuce, and colewort. When harvesting fruit, be sure to clean-up at all fruit which may have fallen to prevent pests and diseases from hanging used up around your fruit trees or plants.

Though you’re harvesting more plants, this is still the real time to start more plants. Keep starting love-apple and pepper plants.

However, have existence sure you keep an eye onward the weather and be prepared to countenance these plants if a cold-snap is close upon.

Be sure to lop your raspberry bushes this month and bestow the necessary attention to the purport of rain your crops are receiving.

Your garden should arrive one inch of rain per week whether it have being from rainfall or you watering the garden. In the occurrence of a freeze, be sure you give water to the soil and not the plants themselves.

Also, exist sure to cover the plants for the period of a freeze with either straw, mulch, a quarrel cover, or even a large sheet.

Garden Chores through Region

Southwest Region

  • Keep watering your plants; unembellished plants are more easily damaged for the period of a freeze than well-watered and nourished plants
  • Protect citrus trees from cold manner
  • Remove leaves from your courtyard; add to compost, use as mulch, nevertheless certainly remove from your lawn to save it from a mold
  • Plant cold-hardy flowers like as pansies and snapdragons
  • Harvest warm-weather crops though continuing to plant cool-weather crops so as broccoli, kales, cabbage, onions, garlic, lettuce, spinach, turnips, kohlrabi, chard, and endive

Northwest Region

  • Check totally vegetables in the root cellar on this account that rot because it’ll spread and ravage any other veggies you have in storage nearby
  • Protect hibernate crops with a cold frame
  • Clean-up completely fallen fruit around the base of your fruit trees to hinder pests and diseases
  • Clean-up your garden to hinder pests and diseases
  • Mulch berry plants
  • Winterize lawn mower
  • Add fertilizing mixture to your asparagus


  • Plant some new trees and shrubs you wish to add to your landscaping
  • Keep mowing your court yard to keep the grass short and lax of lawn-damaging pests
  • Mulch quite flowers and bulbs once the earth freezes to help insulate and fortify
  • Clean-up and till your garden
  • Clean-up every part of fallen fruit to deter pests and diseases
  • Store your crops in a cool, dark location of the like kind as a root cellar, cool niche of a basement, under a lay, or in a closet
  • Clean-up foliage in your yard and use them in the fertilizer or as a mulch
  • Winterize every one of lawn and garden tools and outfit
  • Get bird feeders and baths cleaned and filled on the side of your feathered friends
  • Pick-up garden hoses and empty all water from the hoses and faucets


  • Store crops in a root cellar, dark ground-floor, or any other cool, dark locating
  • Winterize lawn mower
  • Turn fertilizing mixture pile one more time for the year
  • Mark every one of perennial and bulbs with stakes to keep out of the way of damaging them in the spring then aerating the soil
  • Plant a single one new trees and shrubs
  • Wrap evergreen trees and shrubs in burlap to shield from snow and ice; if snow and icing attach to the evergreen tree, put on’t remove it because it could impair the plant
  • Prune grapes
  • Clean-up and dress the ground the garden
  • Add brace inches of mulch to perennial beds posterior the ground freezes
  • Bring in the garden hoses on the side of the year and drain all extraforaneous faucets
  • Check any trees encompassing your home for branches which could come and damage your home when snow and icing hit


  • Plant trees and shrubs unless don’t prune what you’ve even now planted because it encourages new putting out
  • Clean-up all leaves in your court yard to avoid lawn damage but render add them to your compost or conversion to an act them as a mulch
  • Add fertilizer to perennial beds and mulch to altogether plants and trees to help take up arms weeds and hold moisture
  • Add tinge to your home by planting cold-hardy flowers of the like kind as carnations, petunias, and pansies
  • Plant beets, plant of the genus, radishes, broccoli, spinach, and onions

You at this moment have a solid idea as to that which you should be doing around your garden for the time of November by both your planting surface bounded by parallel circles and region.

Hopefully, this be pleased help you keep your lawn in instruction over the winter months and bestow your garden the best possible set on foot when spring arrives.





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