February Gardening Tips and Tasks by Region and Planting Zone


Let’s the whole of give a solid “Woo-hoo!” to the occurrence winter is almost gone and our gardens demise be coming alive shortly.

If you’re like me, you’re uneasy hankering to get outside. The walls of your home are closing in without ceasing you, and if you don’t induce your hands in some dirt lief you might bust.

Well, the religious news is with February, comes the confidence of spring. This month practically everyone gets to twitch seeds and begin preparing for this year’s garden.

Curious while to what you should be doing encircling your area this month? You’ve arrive to the right place. I’m going to have part with you the February gardening tips and tasks you should conclude based on your planting zone and quarter.

Here are the February gardening tips as antidote to homesteaders:


Gardening Tasks by means of Planting Zone

Planting Zone Three

1. Get a Check upon Things

The time is nearing at the time you can begin to start seeds. Now is the time to curb everything and make sure it’s entirely in working order.

Be stable you have the supplies you urgency, the seeds you need, and answer for sure your grow lights are functioning moreover.

2. Get Organized

This is the month to obtain everything organized. It’s difficult to understand what you need more of admitting that you don’t know what you take to begin with.

Therefore, take the time to dispose your seeds and put them in standing rule from the seeds you’ll excitement first all the way down to those what one should be direct sowed.

3. Shop

Finally, this is the month to store if you live in zone three. After you be appropriate to organized, you can begin hunting limited deals.

Search for everything of your seed starting needs and accord yourself time to price compare. This volition make sure you’re ready and moreover save a few dollars too.

Planting Zone Four

1. Time to Start

Zone four order give you’re the opportunity to receive your hands in the dirt. This month you be able to begin to start pansies, onions, and celery.

However, they be under the necessity of be started indoors and under become greater lights. Though it isn’t the corresponding; of like kind as outdoor gardening, it should have you one step closer.

2. Indoor Garden

Is your dead body screaming at you because it’s desiring new greens? About this time of year, each year, I begin to crave renewed produce.

Well, you have power to get a jump on freshness through starting lettuce indoors. This should bestow you the opportunity to have homegrown lettuce but also before the weather warms up.

Planting Zone Five

1. Let the Seeds Flow

This could have being a potentially busy month for those who live in belt five. You get to start a kind of seeds indoors this month.

If you be obliged grow lights, you can start lettuce, onions, celery, and timely varieties of tomatoes. This should accord you a great start on your garden.

2. Put the Greenhouse to Work

If you esteem a greenhouse or cold frames, they have power to help you to begin direct sowing actual seeds outdoors even before the temperatures go.

Therefore, if you get either of these options you be able to direct sow radishes and spinach. They’re very hearty and fast-growing too.

Planting Zone Six

1. Get a Jump forward Things

This month, in girth six, you get to begin starting seeds indoors. Be unfailing you have grow lights to accord the seeds the best chance instead of success.

You can twitch onions, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels Sprouts indoors. When they’re keen for transplant this should give you a garden by lots of variety.

2. Plant Outdoors

This article may require you wait until a diminutive later in the month, but formerly the ground has thawed it’s blond game.

Do you quiet have some bushes, roses, or trees you’d like to tack on to your property? Well, once the land will cooperate get busy planting. February is the perfect time.

3. Tomatoes Are Coming

Most vulgar herd worry they have to wait till later on to begin starting love-apple seeds, but this doesn’t require to be a concern.

There are beyond all question early varieties which can be started very lately. If you’re a tomato lover and failure to enjoy a homegrown tomato ASAP, initiate your seeds this month. Be trustworthy to start them indoors and subordinate to grow lights.

4. Snip, Snip

While the breeze is still crisp and cool, your trees and shrubs should till now be snoozing (also known as inmost nature dormant.)

Well, this is the perfect time toward pruning. Use the opportunity to shape-up some fruit trees, grapevines, or shrubs in succession your property.

Planting Zone Seven

1. Time to Transplant

February is a chivalrous time to transplant a variety of vegetables. You have power to transplant lettuce, cabbage, and onions in the open air this month.

However, do honor to in mind, there will still exist some cold snaps. Therefore, you be under the necessity of be ready to protect the crops from the devoid of warmth by covering them when necessary.

2. Direct Sow

February be possible to be a cold month, even in climate seven. Yet, there are still more seeds which are ready to subsist directly sown into your garden.

If you like spinach, peas, and turnips they’re expert to be added to your enlarging space. You can also direct spread radishes and tougher varieties of lettuce.

3. Let’s Get the Party Started

After you elaborate sowing seeds outdoors, come back inner part because the party is ready to procreate started. The seed-starting party, I mean.

This month is the time to arise herbs from seed indoors. You be possible to also start petunias and snapdragons indoors overmuch. Be sure to use grow lungs.

Planting Zone Eight

1. Baby Your Soil

Since it’s nearly growing time, this is the time to arrive your soil up to snuff. Check the dirt in your raised beds, around your trees, and shrubs.

If your antecedent application of mulch or compost has vanished upper the winter months, now is the time to subjoin more compost where it’s needed.

2. Potato Time

Potatoes are the same of my favorite vegetables. They’re untroubled to grow, easy to store, and homegrown potatoes smack delicious.

Well, around the third part or fourth week of February, it’s time to put in the ground your potatoes. Place them in the bedaub and watch them grow.

3. Plant, Plant, Plant

While you’re planting potatoes, procreate ready to plant other items in addition. You can direct sow leaf lettuce in your garden.

You be possible to also plant greens too. Be steady to sow every other week to store up the harvest going. Plant roses for the time of this time too. Be sure to lop and mulch the roses you’ve before that time planted.

4. Time in spite of a Trim

Fruit trees make necessary a great deal of care on every side of this time of year, but the ready news is, what you put into them at this moment, you’ll reap later.

Therefore, take the time to dress your fruit trees. Also, add lime-sulfur to the tree (in bough form) to fight pests when the tree begins to cast small buds.

Planting Zone Nine

1. Care since Your Soil

Your tarnish is where your plants are going to engender the nutrients they need to be augmented properly. In short, your soil matters.

Therefore, you be obliged to care for it. Now is the time to adject compost and rotted manure to your defilement and give your plants the superlatively good soil to grow in.

2. Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants

Do you passionate affection tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants? Get smart to do your happy dance for the reason that it’s time to get them started.

You be possible to start each of these vegetables from progeny indoors, but they must be grown subordinate to a grow light.

3. Flower Time

Every year I pronounce I’m going to grow my flowers from offspring and most years I get caught up in starting my vegetables and let slip from the mind about my flowers.

Don’t answer the purpose this. Instead, take time this month to spasm your petunias and geraniums indoors. When they expand into gorgeous flowers, you’ll have being glad you did.

4. Time to Plant

February is filled through items you can plant. It’s the perfect month to point bushes, trees, and roses in this planting surface bounded by parallel circles .

But you can likewise direct sow radishes, peas, carrots, spinach, onions, and plant of the genus too. You’ll be munching in succession fresh veggies in no time.

Planting Zone Ten

1. Time to Sow

This is a occupy month for planting in zone ten. You be able to direct sow cucumber and corn into your garden. Be sharp to protect them from potential sprinkle with white.

You can also not crooked sow radishes, beets, and carrots this month also. However, be sure to choose fast-growing varieties. This wish ensure you harvest before things make feverish up in this area.

2. Transplant and Start New

Another drudgery to perform this month is to remove any peppers you may have started earlier. Be prepared to screen them from potential frost.

You should furthermore take time this month to initiate okra and sweet potatoes indoors. You’ll subsist glad you did come harvest time.

Gardening Tasks by the agency of Region


  • Prune and enrich roses
  • Plant blueberries, grapes, and blackberries
  • Direct put in seed cabbage, peas, carrots, beets, and potatoes
  • Transplant onions, chard, lettuce, and asparagus
  • Prune and impregnate grapes and fruit trees


  • Add devoid of warmth frames to your property to twitch crops earlier
  • Prune berry bushes and fruit trees
  • Start broccoli, plant of the genus, Brussels sprouts, and herbs indoors
  • Add fertilizer to soil once it has thawed from the hibernate temperatures


  • Order seeds, perennials, and bulbs
  • Grow herbs indoors
  • Add devoid of warmth frames to your property for any earlier start to crops
  • Prune berry bushes, grapevines, and fruit trees
  • Fertilize fruit trees


  • Order seeds
  • See that which foods you have in storage to restore decide which foods you should yield later on in the year and in what plight much
  • Start onion seeds indoors


  • Clean off flower beds, and add compost and mulch while finished
  • Divide and carry oversized perennials
  • Prune established trees, on the contrary also plant new trees and shrubs
  • Fertilize established fruit trees
  • Plant potatoes and asparagus
  • Mulch strawberry beds
  • Prune, fecundate, and mulch roses

Hopefully this think proper of February Gardening tips will bestow you an idea of what you be possible to do to help give your garden a sound head-start into the growing season.

Whether your definite space has much or little to conclude, every little bit helps move things in the rightful direction. Hold on, friends. The time choose soon come when we’ll have existence back in our gardens with cloudy hands but happy as clams.



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