Growing Christmas Trees – How to Grow, Care for and Harvest Christmas Trees


Do you take unused land you’d like to exercise? How about making memories with the household while utilizing the land? Does that noise interesting?

What if you could build some extra money in the step? If this sounds good to you, weigh growing your own Christmas trees.

They put on’t take a great deal of trial, and the amount of acreage you own available can determine how large your concern should be.

At the excessively least, it could allow you to raise up your own Christmas trees for physical use, make memories in the suit, and save money too.

Here’s by what mode you go about growing your acknowledge Christmas trees:


What Type of Tree Should I Grow?

There are a multiplicity of trees you could choose to cultivate as a Christmas tree. Here are the utmost popular options:

1. Pine

Pine is a more desirable type of Christmas tree because of its flexibleness. It grows in almost any planting clime.

Which is great word regardless if you live in a fervent or cool climate. They also be augmented quickly at roughly one foot for year.

2. Spruce

Spruce is that which many consider a traditional Christmas tree. It’s the sort of you probably dream of when you mark chopping down your own Christmas tree.

However, they be able to only be grown in cooler planting zones and wish a difficult time holding onto their needles. This have power to make them a messy option.

3. Fir

Firs are noted because they put off a delectable fragrance. They also produce a vibrating green color which most people solicit in their Christmas trees.

But the sort of makes firs such an excellent chary for a Christmas tree is they put on’t drop their needles as plenteous as other Christmas tree varieties.

How to Plant Christmas Trees

Once you’ve chosen your species of Christmas tree to plant, you new wine follow these important steps to scatter seed them, or they won’t become greater properly.

1. Pick the Perfect Spot

The seedlings instead of your tree variety of choice should exist planted in a place with replete sun. They also require well-draining earth.

However, if you own clay soil and the land is forward a hill, it may still exhaust well enough for the trees to become greater. It’s still a good model to amend the soil to make secure optimal growth.

2. Prepare the Land

Preparing the country to be planted with trees is a different simple task. If the area is solitary grass, you only need to mow it in the van of planting.

However, if the district is thick with vegetation, it’s sound to begin cultivating the land the convenient time before planting.

3. Spacing Matters

Spacing is at what place many people mess up when planting Christmas trees. They crowd them too close together because the seedlings originate very small.

However, the trees should have existence planted in rows with the seedlings eight feet apart. The rows should furthermore be eight feet apart from reaped ground other too. Planting this way pleasure give the roots room to emit and the trees room to shrub out.

4. Depth Matters More

As decisive as spacing is, the depth you point your trees matters even more. It’s vital part they be planted the same discernment they were when the nursery started the seedlings.

Although this be able to sound like an impossible situation, it isn’t. Instead, you investigate the trunk on the seedling. There should have existence a line of discoloration where you be possible to see the colors change on the tree.

This ancestry will show you how deep the tree should exist planted. Be sure to spread loudly the roots carefully when planting and supply with water deeply when finished.

5. Stagger Trees

If you’d like to bring forth trees each year for Christmas, mind staggering the planting of each seedling. For instigation, plant a few rows of seedlings individual year.

Doing this should accord you personal trees and a hardly any to share or sell. The nearest year, plant a few more rows and be steadfast the pattern to make sure you be in actual possession of trees each year for harvest.

How to Care during a Christmas Tree

Christmas tree varieties order little care. Follow these few steps, and you should be seized of great success with growing Christmas trees:

1. Year One Matters

During the principal year of your seedlings growth, subsist sure to water them every week. After the in the first place year, the trees should be proficient to survive without additional watering except your area is impacted with aridity.

If it is a far-reaching drought, be sure the trees are given give water to to keep them going.

2. Battle of the Weeds

Weeds are a enigma no matter what you’re augmenting. They can smother seedling trees, and symbol of sorrow can also take vital nutrients from the trees likewise.

Therefore, be sure to stay attached top of the weed situation. You be able to do this by mowing around the trees, using a hoe to pound the weeds down, or by mulching encompassing the trees to smother the symbol of sorrow.

3. Give Them Hair Cuts

When year three of expansion rolls around, it’s time notwithstanding your trees to have a coin of a haircut. You may set going to notice how they have abnormalities forming through stray limbs or even two toppers.

Trim the trees to bestow them the traditional Christmas tree form and look. However, be careful doing moreover much pruning the year of consequence because if you cut on the external limbs, it may show when your tree is in succession display.

4. What is Normal vs. Signs of Disease

If you walk thoroughly in your field and notice your trees are loss many needles, don’t panic. It’s indifferent for evergreens to lose roughly 30% of their needles harvested land year.

However, the needles ruined should only be coming from the domestic of the tree. If you mind outer needles are falling or the needles are meander yellow, it’s possible the tree is one or the other diseased or under attack by pests.

How to Harvest a Christmas Tree

You’ve simple fellow in the effort and the act. The time has finally come instead of you to harvest your Christmas trees. Here’s in what way you do it:

1. They Take How Long?

Most population opts for a six to seven-foot Christmas tree. Growing a tree to this altitude can take approximately six to nine years to perform.

Therefore, when your tree has reached the altitude you desire, you know you’re fitted for harvest. Some don’t meagreness as large of a tree that makes this a personal choice.

However, admitting that you’re raising Christmas trees according to profit, cutting them down when they’re anywhere from six to nine feet elevated would be best.

2. Cut and Soak

When you’re expeditious to harvest your tree, you be possible to use either a handsaw or a chainsaw. Cut it at the base, have existence sure to follow proper technique while felling a tree to avoid injuries.

After the tree has been divide down, soak it in water this moment to keep it from scabbing excessively and resealing. If this happens, the tree won’t have existence able to absorb water which be disposed keep it from serving its purpose being of the kind which a Christmas tree.

3. Early Harvest Tip

Let’s recite you must harvest your Christmas trees a minute earlier than the holidays. How translate you keep the trees without it inmost nature necessary to soak them in wet the whole time until you’re smart to use them?

You be able to cut the trees down a minute earlier and not put them in take in water. Yet, when you go to conversion to an act them be sure to take a diminutive slice from the trunk of the tree.

This chop will reopen the trunk and endure the tree to absorb water anew.

Now you know in what manner to plant, care for, and ingathering your own Christmas trees. It be able to be a long time investment, further one which could be worth it suppose that you and your family have the apartment and would enjoy the challenge.

In the progress you’ll make many great memories by your family from growing your confess Christmas trees, and also avoid the high prices (and crowds) while buying one.



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  1. We have a Christmas tree we had in house then planted in the garden 33 years ago. It is now 40ft or more, it over looks a Golf course but is 6tf away from a double garage could it damage the roots. please give anwser.

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