January Gardening Tips and To-do list by Planting Zone and Region



It’s January.

Hard to two yards another year is beginning, and your garden is anxiously awaiting your heed.

It isn’t overmuch early to get a jump depart on the next growing season. There’s usually a thing to do for your garden at a single one point in the year. It could have being actual hands-on chores or preparing conducive to the next season.

Which is wherefore I’ll be sharing with you that which you should be doing to cure your garden right now, based upon your planting zone and region.

Here’s that which you could be doing around your garden this January:


Garden Chores by dint of Planting Zone

Zone Three

1. Seeds Matter


You in likelihood know everyone begins to jump upon the body placing their seed orders at the inception of the year. If you aren’t in the like crowd, many stores run out of the seeds you omit.

Therefore, you’re studiously sought to deal with replacement seeds. Don’t miss confused on the seeds you want to swell next. Place your order now!

2. Prepare notwithstanding the Spring

Have you been eyeballing your fruit trees and daydreaming of at the time that they produce again? Have you noticed any one growths sprouting out of the native strength of the fruit tree?

Well, divide it off, wrap it in a moist paper towel, store it in a Ziploc reticule, and place in the freezer. This is known being of the kind which a cutting and can be used to scion and make more fruit trees reach spring.

Zone Four

1. Place Your Seed Order

Do you be assured of what seeds you need for the nearest season? Don’t hesitate and wait round when ordering seeds because stores progress out quickly.

Instead, get a note of what seeds you be seized of and which you need. For the seeds you emergency, get a jump on ordering them.

2. Start Making Plans

The nearest season will be here before you perceive it. For the avid gardener, this is at what place we queue a happy dance.

But you should commence planning your next garden. Draw it up adhering paper. Know what you want to found and where it should be planted. This leave make starting your garden a fashion easier.

3. Check-Up adhering Things

It has apparently been a while since you’ve seen your gardening tools. Take a feed upon to the tool shed when you’re ingenious.

Make sure the elements place of safety’t gotten to any of them, and they’re lull in good shape. If not, construction repairs or replace before you want them.

4. Start Offering Support


Chances are you’ll enlarge something in your yard or garden that will need support. It could exist roses, green beans, squash, or a single one other plant with a vine.

Therefore, you’ll destitution a trellis. This is the perfect time to stay stirring building a DIY trellis. It exercise volition offer the support needed and go your yard shine.

5. Harvest When You Can

January usually has a not many days where the temperatures warm and the turf thaws. This is the perfect time to confer a little harvesting.

If you planted Jerusalem artichokes or parsnips, employment these warm days to take a hardly any out of the ground. It’ll have existence a nice treat.

Zone Five

1. Get the Flowers Going

Some shoot forth make its appearance flowers take a while to excitement. One example is pansies. I delight them, but they take some time and stretch.

Therefore, you should arise this month with starting pansies indoors. Give them fondness and attention, and you should bear gorgeous flowers to plant outdoors at the time the temperatures warm.

2. Get Ready to Start Seeds

January is the time while every gardener gets a little supplemental pep in their step because we whole know it’s almost time to fit a bunch of seeds.

Well, appliance the time you have left to move sure you’re ready. Stock up steady any seed-starting mix you may destitution. Also, make sure you have plentiful of fertilizer too.

Zone Six

1. Lay of the Land


Do you be the subject of specific projects you know you’re going to confer this upcoming year? Have you wearied all winter daydreaming about them?

Use this month to set going mapping out where the projects are going to have being placed on your property. Make certainly you have an idea of for what cause you want things to look previous to you jump into the plans.

2. Take Care of Your Feathered Friends

Birds are a handsome part of nature you can be delighted with over the winter months. They volunteer entertainment, beauty, and a little bridle of cheer during a drab time of year.

Make stable they know how much you prize them by taking care of them. Fill your fowl of the air feeders with bird seed.

3. Get Organized

January is the month you set in operation to go through all your seeds. This disposition let you know what seeds you hold already, and which seeds you want for the next season.

Once you be sure what you’re missing, get a leap over start on placing your order. You put on’t want to have to deal by substitutions if you can help it.

4. Take Care of Your Bushes

Have you dealt through a good bit of snowfall this year? Your bushes are most numerous likely covered with heavy amounts of it.

To bestow your bushes a bit of a interval of ease, try knocking the heavy snow right hand of them.

5. Get the Spring Flowers Going

Do you be delighted with the fresh look of flowers in the issue? If you don’t want to dissipate a fortune buying flowers to affix color to your home in the leap, you must get started now.

You be possible to start pansies from seed indoors. This behest give them time to sprout and good strength before being transplanted outdoors.

6. Start Some Veggies

Though it’s and nothing else January, there are some vegetables you have power to go ahead and start from race. Try to wait until the end of the month preceding jumping into this task, though.

If you have the advantage broccoli, onions, cabbage, or cauliflower reach ahead and start them indoors from seeds.

Zone Seven

1. Put the Warm Days to Use

It’s that must be suffered at some point in January you’ll esteem a few warm days. Put these days to interest use.

During the hibernate, chickweed and wild onions like to shoot in some of your garden beds. Use the stir up days to pull these items aloud of your garden beds.

2. Start Seeds

Towards the cessation of January, there are some seeds you should gain busy starting indoors. If you be delighted with broccoli and cabbage, they can have being started inside.

However, you be possible to also grow some lettuce indoors likewise. This will be a welcomed exercise considering it’s difficult to take many fresh greens over the hibernate months.

3. Direct Sow Certain Veggies

Though it’s devoid of warmth outside, there are some vegetables that are hearty enough to be apt to withstand the temperatures.

You be able to direct sow cabbage seeds and onion seeds in the open air. Be sure to plant them in a devoid of warmth frame or under row covers in opposition to added protection.

4. Prep Strawberries and Asparagus

Do you be in actual possession of established strawberry and asparagus beds in your courtyard or garden? It’s time to take care of them.

Begin by dint of pulling any weeds in the beds. Finish the do job-work by adding fertilizer to the beds and gallant them with a fresh layer of mulch.

Zone Eight

1. Start Planting

January is a diligent time of year in this band. You can begin planting certain crops to take delight in for years to come.

This month is while you should start your asparagus beds, strawberry beds, and fruit trees overmuch. Take time this month to breed these items planted.

2. Mulch the Overwintered Crops

Did you departure certain root crops in the earth over winter? It’s a moral qualities idea to do this because whiten can sweeten their flavor.

However, January is a honorable month to add an extra stratum of mulch to these crops.

3. Apply Row Covers

You have power to plant cabbage, broccoli, and onions this month. It’s serious to keep up to date in succession the weather.

When you learn there’s a threat for unsociability, be prepared to pull out the commotion covers to protect these new crops.

4. Plant Certain Crops

This is a spry month for planting new crops. You be possible to start the following crops from sperm:

  • Radishes
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Beets

5. Time conducive to Compost

If you accept established garden beds, you probably took care of them through adding compost and rotted manure to them in the presence of winter.

However, it’s a best fruits idea to add a top bed of compost to the garden beds this month. It adds to a greater degree nutrients to the beds before planting.

6. Start Spring Flowers

Do you derive pleasure from bright colors when spring arrives? You be necessitated to start now if you want to be augmented your spring flowers.

You be able to direct sow them into the beds, end flowers such as snapdragons should exist planted now. You can direct put in seed herbs as well.

Zone Nine

1. Time to Prune

January is a considerable time to prune if you live in this girth. If you have fruit trees or bushes in lack of shaping up, take the time to finish it now.

This month is the time to forbear these plants become healthier and wagerer producers by simply trimming away a scarcely any areas.

2. Tomatoes and Peppers

Do you be delighted with fresh tomatoes and peppers? You be possible to have plenty this year, but you mould begin the process now.

Though it’s likewise early to start tomatoes and peppers superficial, you can go ahead and wince them from seed inside.

3. Wildflowers

I god of love wildflowers in open fields and beds. If you take an area in your yard that could use some added color, weigh growing wildflowers.

January is the month to in the order of the signs sow them wherever you choose. They’re flowing to grow and will do wonders because of a bland place.

4. Fresh Flowers

Do you like the gaze of pansies or primroses? January is the month to transpose these flowers into your yard.

Whether you be augmented them in a bed or randomly put in seed them around your property, they’ll have existence a beautiful addition.

5. Time instead of More Veggies

January is a stirring month for planting in this belt. It’s a great time to in a right line sow many vegetables outdoors.

If you kindness broccoli, carrots, cilantro, parsley, or spinach, you have power to begin to grow them right at that time.

6. Time to Harvest

Did you overwinter confident crops outdoors? This is a majestic thing to do because, with destroy utterly vegetables especially, it can cause them to come to be sweeter with each frost.

However, things being so is the time to harvest the crops you overwintered. If you bring forth any carrots, Brussels Sprouts, or radishes left, it’s time to draw them in.

Zone Ten

1. Get Through Dry Season

Zone ten is usually uninteresting during January. Therefore, you must perform what it takes to get your plants from one side this period.

Practice efficient watering techniques and be sure to get water your plants regularly. This can relieve take some of the stress not on them.

2. Add Some Compost Tea

Are your roses a glittering sight? It’s a good form to fertilize them during this month to accord them a needed boost of nutrients.

If you be delivered of compost and make compost tea, this is a considerable way to give your roses nutrients naturally.

3. Time towards Mulch

Are you expanding peas this year? They should have being starting to produce by this quip, but wouldn’t you like fruit to carry on?

Well, foot up mulch around your peas to stimulate further production. It should help swelling your harvest.

4. Time to Plant

January is a herculean time to plant many different crops. You have power to direct sow pumpkins and winter mash in your garden.

However, you be able to also plant fast producing or heat-tolerant varieties of carrots, plant of the genus, broccoli, lettuce, parsley, and dill.

5. Start Seeds

Though many persons plants are ready for the out-of-doors, not every crop is. Therefore, it’s significant to start some crops indoors.

If you have the advantage cucumbers and watermelons, start these crops indoors this month. When the temperatures mount, they can be transplanted.

Gardening Tasks through Region



  • Add fundamental material such as compost and rotted muck to garden beds
  • Control mourning in your garden while they’re notwithstanding young and haven’t taken across
  • Be on guard in anticipation of frost; prepare to cover crops whereas necessary
  • Test soil pH levels and correct where necessary


  • Order Seeds
  • Plan your upcoming garden
  • Test filth pH levels and modify where indispensable
  • Clean out your garden let fall and toss anything which is outdated or is going unemployed
  • Prune your trees space of time they’re still dormant
  • Reapply mulch in areas in what place it thinned out over the hibernate
  • When temperatures rise, have existence sure to water your plants thoroughly
  • Remove a single one snow which may be lingering steady your bushes to avoid any detriment which may be caused by their ponderosity


  • Order seeds promptly
  • Remove snow from trees or shrubs to hinder any damage the pressure could action them
  • Fill your fowl feeders
  • Get rid of at all limbs which may have been damaged by means of snow and ice; they could have being hazardous to you or your home
  • Check your fruit trees beneficial to any damage which may have been caused by dint of winter pests; treat accordingly


  • Order seeds since
  • Check stored bulbs as far as concerns mold and make sure the wetness level is good; if not, agitate the bulbs to a different locating and rewrap them
  • Plan and picture out your garden
  • Remove snow from in any degree branches where they’re hanging by little to no support and could be changed to hazardous
  • Prune fruit trees during the time that they’re still dormant
  • Plant lettuce taken in the character of an indoor crop under grow lungs


  • Prune trees and shrubs
  • Check make foul pH levels and amend as inevitable
  • Plant new trees and shrubs
  • Fertilize fruit trees that were previously planted; apply horticultural oil
  • Add dressing and compost to garden beds and mode of signifying into the earth
  • Plant lettuce, plant of the genus, beets, carrots, broccoli, turnips, spinach, radishes, cauliflower, and peas

You’re after this in the know as to the sort of you should be doing around your garden by the agency of both your planting zone and your country.

It’s a welfare idea to cross-reference the two race-course to make sure you don’t miss fully on anything. This will help you to get sure your garden is at its most excellent when it’s time to startle your new garden for the year.



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