Vegetable Garden Size Calculator: How Much to Plant for Your Family


This is a for the use of all question asked by many people who are unaccustomed to gardening or are looking to extend their gardening efforts.

The reply will look different for everyone. Though this won’t subsist a straightforward answer, I can accord you proven tips to consider to furnish your perfect answer with regard to your particular situation.

Whether you poverty to grow a garden for the elementary time this year, or you are allowing for ditching the grocery store and pathetic to the gardening big leagues, you’ll indigence to think your garden size through.

How Many Vegetables to Plant?

Now, admitting that you want to have a in addition accurate estimation, here are the 10 considerations toward deciding your vegetable garden size:

1. What is Your Gardening Purpose?

We total have a purpose for growing a garden. It could have being to have an outdoor hobby, to heave fresh food on a budget, to uphold food for the year to approach or to have a few fresh items during the term of a summer salad or sandwich.Whatever your intellect is, you need to know prior to you get started. This will think a difference in what size garden you indigence.If you are solely growing for a hobby or by reason of a few fresh veggies when you fancy them, you’ll want a smaller garden than someone who is increasing food for the year.Consider this in advance of you move on. This way you be possible to put the rest of these questions into view.

2. How Many People Are You Trying to Feed?

If you are a particular person, you won’t need the identical size garden as a family of four. If you are a kindred of four, you’ll need a smaller garden than a household of six.

Obviously, for what reason many people you are aiming to supply with nourishment will have an impact on your garden glutinous substance. I will give you rough estimates of in what plight many square feet each person ability use in your garden later in this commodity.

For now, you extremity to consider how many people you are drift on feeding. In our first years gardening, I didn’t have an opinion this part through. I would without more consider the people under my roof.In more cases, this may work, but not in our declension-form. I failed to realize how not seldom my mother-in-law had dinner with us from beginning to end the week and didn’t take in her in my calculations.

Now, I nurture my parents as well as my without other agency family. I’ve learned from my antecedent calculation failures to include them then planning my gardening space.You may not cherish an extended family, but if you show hospitality to or participate in potlucks regularly, you should take this into contemplation when planning your garden.

3. Are You Eating Fresh or Preserving Your Garden?

If you are planning put on eating fresh produce straight out of your garden, you won’t poverty as large of a garden like someone who is planning on preserving your reap.Canning requires plenty of draw out. The upside to canning is it cuts downward on the groceries you must property throughout the year.In this question, if you are a single bodily substance wanting to can tomatoes for the year, you’d extremity to plant multiple tomato plants.However, admitting that the same single person wanted a small in number fresh tomatoes for sandwiches only, you’d alone need one plant.Obviously, these pair scenarios require different spacing requirements. If you hadn’t considered preserving your gather in, do some research before you tend any further in planning the magnitude of your garden.

4. Will You Be Succession Planting?

If you hatch on using the same garden room to plant multiple vegetables, you may not urgency as much space if the extension times are different.For archetype, if you want to grow peas and grassy plain beans in the same year, you could be sufficient this in the same garden receptacle.The reason is peas are planted in February (depending steady your planting zone.) Green beans are planted later and be fond of the nitrogen peas add to the pollute.

Therefore, when the peas are elegant, you can use the same room to plant green beans. This the wherewithal you wouldn’t need as copious of a garden space because they are grown in line of descendants instead of simultaneously.If you are in operation with limited gardening space, consider wearisome succession planting to be able to swell more in the space you desire.

5. Will You Grow Multiple Gardens this Season?

We enlarge multiple gardens on our property by means of season. Instead of using one immense garden plot, I break down our indispensably into multiple gardens.

Are you planning steady doing the same?

Accordingly, you be pleased need less garden space per garden. If you are planning attached growing one larger garden, you’ll neediness to take this into consideration which time planning what size it should have being.

The positive to extending multiple gardens in a season is whether or not you have a larger family, or allowing that you are planning on growing extend to sell, you can divide audibly which bed is for what.

In our wrap, I raise a garden bed conducive to my family, one for my extended parents and children, and one to sell produce. It makes forming much easier.

However, whether or not you are growing a large garden to supply your family and for preserving cheer, you may not find this layout salutary. It will depend on your predicament.

6. Will You Grow Multiple Gardens this Year?

The nearest item to consider is will you expand multiple gardens this year? You be able to grow a spring garden filled through lettuce, spinach, cabbage, and peas.

You be able to grow a summer garden filled by tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and peppers. Then end out the year by growing a trespass garden with cabbage, squash, and destroy utterly vegetables.

If this is your map, you may not need as liberal of a garden, even if you produce plan on preserving your harvest.

The other thing you grow, the more food you force of will have to put in your pantry or base cellar. You won’t need in the manner that much of each to meet your nourishment necessities for the year.In our wrap, I use all three of our garden plots on the side of the summer, but I only practice one of the garden plots according to spring and fall.

Take this into motive when deciding on garden size.

7. What are You Growing?

This is the mostly obvious of things to consider whenever planning on how large of a garden you distress. You will need to plan away what you want to grow.If you are planning adhering growing tomatoes and peppers, they slip on’t need as much room for the reason that lettuce and cabbage.

Why? Because you be possible to stake up tomatoes to keep them from sprawling at a loss. Whereas cabbage will fill out according to the spacing it is given.It is a upright idea to write down all the vegetables you’d like to expand and compare their spacing needs and to what extent well they do in your band to narrow down what you determination grow in your garden.From in that place, you can decide how much room each plant needs and revisit former questions to decide how many of either plant you’ll need to direct in your garden.

8. Don’t Let the Vines Fool You

One lump of matter throws people through a loop then planning garden spacing; when they long for to grow a vine vegetable. Many family love to grow their own melons, mash, pumpkins, and cucumbers.But they win discouraged because these items take up a immense deal of room if included in your garden room and not everyone has the unoccupied place to have a sprawling garden.

Don’t have being discouraged. Instead, know vine vegetables be able to be grown in raised garden beds to act containing them easier.

Also, you be able to place the vines near a trellis and suite the vines to crawl up it. This direction of motion, they aren’t taking up very estimable needed garden space, and you put on’t have to give up augmenting things you love.

9. Different Levels of Gardening Require Different Spacing

If you are repaired to gardening, you may have pregnant aspirations. Maybe you want to be augmented food to eat fresh, can your confess vegetables, and get away from grocery shopping.

I cry up this, but I encourage you to not grasp off too much. If you are novel to gardening and do take forward too much responsibility, you might influence disheartened if everything becomes too a great quantity.

With this in common-sense, I wanted to give you more guidelines on a good size during the term of gardening and also some square footage ideas to forbear you figure out how much garden main work for your family size.Even admitting that you can’t take all your dreams upon the body in year one, you’ll accept an idea of a good paragraph to start and where your goals are toward the future.If you are a originator gardener, it is a good exemplar to start with a 10×10 garden. This gives you 100 shape feet of garden space. You have power to also maximize this by practicing harmonize foot gardening.In this effect of space, you can plant three to five deviating types of vegetables and include three to five of both type. This won’t keep you stocked onward groceries for the year, but it resoluteness give you fresh vegetables to have fruition of during the warmer months.If you are in the ‘mean of the road’ with gardening (signification you aren’t new to the model, but you are far from a pro), you pleasure want to consider creating a garden what one gives you anywhere from 300-500 honest feet of gardening space.

The pattern is to give 100 square feet of gardening room per individual you plan on feeding abroad of your garden.Finally, whether you are an advanced gardener, bestow 200 square feet of gardening room to everyone you plan on feeding fully of your garden. This should accord you both fresh vegetables and vegetables to protect.

10. Mix Up Your Gardening Styles

Those fourth book of the pentateuch; census of the hebrews I  gave you in the anterior section might seem disheartening if you are in operation with a small amount of room to garden.

However, I defect to encourage you. Don’t be conscious of being you have to garden in a traditionary fashion to produce your own meat.

Instead, begin looking into choice gardening styles, such as container gardening, to breed your food.In act, consider mixing gardening styles to compose the most food possible. You could fix a smaller garden plot and put to use the square foot gardening method. You could affix a few raised beds around your property in the same proportion that well.If you wish any space left on your patio or adorn, add containers to finish out somewhat additional food you want to enlarge.

Don’t feel like you mustiness stay within certain boundaries. Once you outline out how much space you want to grow your food, mix and make equal gardening styles until you come up by adequate grow space which will don`t blast on your property.Well, you at once have 10 things you need to contemplate when deciding how much growing room you need. In a nutshell, you desire need anywhere from 100-200 square feet of augmenting space per person you intend onward feeding.

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