Log Store With Doors: Beautiful Models by Shed World

Large log store with doors

Having a lovely log store with doors you will no longer be frustrated when building a fire with damp logs or seeing them all around your patio. No untidy muddles on your porch will spoil the entire look of the space. To stay warm this winter, you should get prepared beforehand. Purchasing a secure storage for the fire logs you will have dry logs throughout the whole year no matter how often it rains or snows.

The Shed World is one of the best destinations to find an amazing log storage that has doors. The store offers storage models manufactured by such prominent brand names of the industry as are the following ones:

  • Rutland
  • Storemore
  • Rowlinson
  • Winchester
  • Zest 4 Leisure
  • TGB Sheds

The Shire4ft x 2ft Garden Store is a beautiful and practical storage for your firewood logs. Priced only £110, this wooden store has two doors fitted with a padbolt. The entire store features a honey brown basecoat. Placing this lovely store in your patio or garden, it will not only provide an ample space to store your wooden logs, but will also bring a unique rustic feel to the space around.

Another stylish log store with doors presented at the store is the Rutland 4ft Double Door Log Store priced £205. This model is designed to keep your fire logs dry and ready for usage. This store is very durable, robust and features beautiful finish that can bring a splendid touch to any patio or garden exterior. The elevated base of the store is specially designed to reduce any risk of ground damp.

Gallery of Log Store With Doors: Beautiful Models by Shed World

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