Pergola Fence For Sufficient Level Of Privacy In Your Garden

Pergola privacy fence

Creating a pergola fence for your outdoor entertaining zone, you will not only bring a unique style to it, but also provide a sufficient level of privacy to enjoy your rest with no spying eyes of your neighbors. These fences are usually made of wood, yet depending on the material the pergola is made of the fence can be constructed from metal, too. However, the Primed and Treated Pine or the Western Red Cedar are the two most common wood types used for building both pergolas and fences for them.

Combining a garden pergola with a decorative fence, you will immensely upgrade the curb appeal of your outdoor space. Today quite many home owners who want to bring a Western feel to their living environment, give their preference to saloon gates in Western style. The latter will make you feel as if a real cowboy, so you may wonder where your horse is! Anyway, this fence type for a pergola does not provide enough privacy. If your main goal is bringing a stylish look to your pergola, go ahead with this idea, if not, then consider another fence variant.

The board on board or otherwise called shadowbox fence type has long been popular. It allows for free air circulation inside the pergola, yet provides enough shadow to hide from sun’s rays. Besides, it will make your pergola an even more comfortable and pleasant area to enjoy your privacy outside your house. This type is surely more expensive than the dog ear fence type, yet is worth investing. Surely there are other interesting pergola fence types you will find worth considering. Search and you will find the model best suiting your criteria.

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