Hexagonal Pergola For Luxury Gardens

Building hexagonal pergola

The intricate design of a hexagonal pergola makes it an inseparable part of a luxury outdoor environment. Not only does it provide the so much needed shade, but also brings that very accent your garden or backyard needs to look perfect! As a rule, these pergolas are made of solid hardwood and feature six beautifully crafted posts. The design of a pergola, is certainly left at a customer’s choice, yet there is no hexagonal pergola that would look simple or unattractive.

The Weston Sawmill offers quite a fantastic pergola in hexagonal shape that will make your garden simply astounding! Priced about £350, this fascinating pergola has a 3.6m overall width. Being made of premium quality hardwood, the model features a unique shape of a roof composed of a wooden round in the middle with radiating blocks that combine with the posts. Be sure the model will become a focal point anywhere installed drawing all eyes on it!

However, quite many simpler models of a hexagonal pergola can be found at mega-popular online stores. For instance Alibaba presents to customers’ attention a wonderful wpc wood plastic hexagonal pergola for a garden offered by the Red Forest. Made of 50% wood or bamboo with 50% other additives, these pergolas come in the following color options:

  • Dark/Light Grey
  • Red Brown
  • Red Wood
  • Coffee
  • Teak
  • Chocolate
  • Green

What makes these pergolas so unique is the sophisticated wood grain texture they have. These pergolas promise to serve for many years to come. They require absolutely no maintenance.

Gallery of Hexagonal Pergola For Luxury Gardens

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