Pergola Cost Depends On Design, Material And Labor

Backyard pergola cost

Depending on the material, design as well as installation labor your pergola cost  may differ. If you have determined to make your yard more picturesque and comfortable, then you must be ready for some expenses. An open-roof pergola made of cheap wood will surely cost you little, while an elaborate pergola featuring a solid roof and made of high quality hardwood or cedar will make you part with a round $20000! Anyway, such a splendid item will incomparably beautify any garden surrounding!

Nevertheless, you can reduce the pergola cost to build  it at minimal expanses if obtaining less material. Of course this means you will have to deprive yourself of luxurious and large beams, decorative columns and solid roofs. At a low price one cannot but get satisfied with little shades and modest look of your pergola. Anyway, if your mere purpose is providing support for your up-climbing plants or wines, such a simple pergola will be OK, yet spending more on a beautiful pergola will justify your expenses with its wonderful look!

Counting the expenditure for an average pergola, which is quality enough to stand for years you will have the following results. Pergola cost calculator  shows that a mid-grade common pergola with 108 square feet will cost you approximately $3500. This price may differ depending on the design you choose for your pergola. You can order a bit refined one and pay extra fees. In all cases it will serve its purpose and become a reliable “shoulder” for your plants to rely on!

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