Pergola Images – Why are they Important?

Wood pergola images

A pergola looks marvelous outside homes, which is why it is important that the pergola images are clicked properly to showcase their full glory. If you are putting up your home for sale, it is necessary to emphasize on this outdoor structure that is a great value addition to the property. The pergola images and photography should communicate with potential buyers and subtly convince them to consider the purchase. Here are a few pointers:

  • The images shouldn’t be blurred or distorted in any way – they need to be clear, crisp, and sharp, so that they show every fine detail. The colors and shades have to be accentuated in a precise manner.
  • Show the customer how the entire structure looks from up close as well as far away. Shoot from at least 3-4 angles so the person knows exactly what he is looking at.
  • What is the shape of your pergola? Is it square or rectangular? Pergola images need to depict the shape of the structure and focus on special elements such as the pillars or beams on the sides along with the framework on top. If you have vines or other plants adorning the top, make sure it is visible in the photos.
  • Show the viewer how the pergola looks during different times of the day – early morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Use varied lighting techniques to highlight the time when the picture is taken.

Pergola images and photography can work wonders when listed online along with other details of your property. You will definitely get numerous enquires within a few days!

Gallery of Pergola Images – Why are they Important?

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