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La pergola vilnius


Whenever we hear La Pergola, we usually picture the famous restaurant La Pergola in Rome or the La Pergola in Cambridge. While you might not be able to travel there and revel in the culinary delights, you can certainly get a pergola for your home that lets you have cozy get-togethers or enjoy some quiet time after a hectic day at work.

There are several types of designs such as:

  • Cladded – If you don’t want to stick to the basic design, you can try for a clad, which gives better protection from sun rays and other mild elements. For the top, you can opt for shade cloth, wooden trellises, sails, thatch, or steel panels – weight the pros & cons of each material before choosing.
  • Open – This is a traditional style, which is commonly used in most pergolas. The roof is open and the structure is fashioned to provide support to trellises and vines. They create a natural landscape and Mediterranean ambience in the outdoors.
  • Sail – Sail pergolas can’t be categorized as pergolas, but they are now being regularly used by homeowners in their backyards. They are sometimes called sail shades and have a big sail stretched tight between several poles of varied heights that are located at different distances. These are generally available in DIY packages.

So when you think about the La Pergola in Mallorca, don’t waste time and get one for your outdoor area without further delay. This is one of the best investments you will make when it comes to outdoor décor!

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