How to Build a Pergola Attached to the House: General Information

How to make a pergola that is attached to your house

Perhaps every DIY beginner will love to learn how to build a pergola attached to the house. A such like construction will provide a soothing and shaded seating area right adhering to your house. Constructing a shelter adjacent directly to a wall of your house requires much less materials and time than constructing a freestanding pergola. So, for constructing one you will need to have the following tools and materials.

  • Hammer/club hammer/mallet
  • Set square/marking pegs
  • Driving tool/drill/screwdriver
  • Metal joist hangers(five pc)/wall anchors/string
  • Wooden rafters (five pc)/ wooden posts (two pc)/wooden beam (one pc)
  • Locating screws

Now, let us mention the basic steps of building a pergola attached to a house. First of all mark a couple of spots on the wall the joists hangers must be installed on. Drill the screw holes and stick anchors into the holes. Afterwards locate each joist hanger and fasten it with the help of dome-head screws. Once this is done, the beams are to be erected between the posts.

Our next step is securing the rafters. Check their smoothness and pass on locating screws. They must be inserted through the joist hanger side. Mind that the both pieces of wood must bear cut notches. Once all these are done it is time to pass on constructing the opposite side of the pergola where the wooden beams are crossed. The rest is simpler. For more detailed info upon how to build a pergola attached to the house you can find search it on the internet provided by most popular DIY websites.

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