Do It Yourself Pergola By Popular Mechanics

Stratco do it yourself pergola

For constructing a do it yourself pergola you need to have the basic carpenter skills. Luckily for all DIYers, there are plentiful plans with instructions described in details offered on the internet totally free of charge. The Popular Mechanics is one of the most widely visited websites you can find a suitable pergola project in. Visiting this website, you will meet several interesting and easy projects one of which is the cedar pergola that will bring a unique feel and convenience to your outdoor space.

The first step of constructing this wonderful cedar DIY pergola is installing the posts. For fastening the post cores of the pergola make sure you use steel post-base anchors over concrete pads for extra durability. Once the posts are securely installed, pass on attaching the support beams. Carve their ends with a jigsaw. Afterward you are to add the crossbeams. When you add each crossbeam pair, be cautious to keep the equal spacing between them.

Our next step in constructing this do it yourself pergola of cedar is fastening the post trims and braces. The process is to be made with special construction glue and galvanized nails. After all this the time comes for fitting the top slats. Cut the slates in the size necessary and shape their ends. The last step will be capping the posts. Here again the same glue and nails must be used. This was a brief overview how a marvelous cedar pergola must be built. For more detailed information visit the website Popular Mechanics and have a look at the article.

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