Curved pergola and reasons for making it

Garden Oasis Curved Pergola Replacement Canopy

Curved pergola is an original idea for exterior design, which looks very elegant and takes not so much space as a square one at the same time. The most widely spread material for making a curved pergola is wood, because it is easy to make any form of a wood deck depending on the personal taste. Wooden pergolas also look fine when being decorated with alive or artificial flowers, climbing plants and simply green bushes.

One may find a great variety of curved pergola kits in the Internet or in the special literature on garden and exterior art. The construction depends not only upon the general size, but also upon the hight. Curved pergolas can take a round or a half-round form. The second variant fits good to a small private garden. It takes extremely little space and that is why can be placed almost anywhere.

Another original idea for a pergola is making an arched roof. Arched pergola kits have not any great difference from the usual scales, excepting only a roof. A half-round roof makes the space under the pergola visually wider and that is why one feels much cozier. The arched pergolas are beautiful when being decorated with small yellow or colorful lights. The ideas of a round form and an arched can be combined, and it looks very stylish, though it is difficult to make a qualitative construction with your own hands. The best variant is to let the specialists fulfill their job.

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