Wooden Pergola – Affordable, Durable And Practical

Pergola Wood Beams

A wooden pergola is perhaps the most widely chosen type of pergolas ever ordered. The reason lays in the great majority of advantages that wood provides for pergola creating. A wooden pergola supplies an excellent shelter and shade for you outdoor patio having the ability of looking new every time you paint it! Wood material is remarkably less expensive as compared with any other material, hence it appears to be affordable for any family who needs a pergola. Besides, it is so easy to work with wood and customize it endlessly if needed, that anyone not being a professional pergola builder can create a marvelous one just knowing the basic rules of pergola building.

When choosing wood for pergola, you will be amazed with the large variety of wood types suitable for pergola building. Consider the type you love the most among Ipe, redwood, cedar, douglass fir, pressure-treated wood, etc. If you are tight on budget, think over pressure-treated wood. The latter is very cheap and provides longevity of service, yet appears to be less attractive that other wood types. Meanwhile Ipe can be used even in coastal areas, as this tropical wood type is very durable and has a nice silvery-brown natural coloring.

Anyway, regardless of the wood type you chose for your pergola, it can appear marvelous as wood allows to apply decorative cuts even at each lumber piece. So the wooden pergola kit you chose can be made exactly the way you want it to. You can paint it whatever color you desire or leave its natural coloring, though this way your wooden pergola kit will “age” along with you!

Another great advantage wood provides, is the possibility of constructing a roof for your pergola. A wooden pergola with roof makes it possible to enjoy fresh air outside you house even when there is rain pouring or Sun sending to Earth its scorching rays! Irrespective of the weather condition settled outside, your patio and roofed pergola will be a part of your home – warm and protected!

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