Patio Umbrellas – Tips to Remember before Buying

Patio Umbrellas Sunbrella Fabric

Patio umbrellas can really help to accentuate your outdoors while providing some much-needed shade on sunny days as well as shielding during heavy downpour. That is why homeowners are scouring the Internet to find lucrative deals for patio umbrellas at Walmart and other top retailers.
Before you purchase patio umbrellas, there are a few points to consider such as:

  • Frames – These can be manufactured using wood or aluminum. The latter is preferable as it is lighter than wood. However, you need to pick the material so that it matches the overall décor of the patio.
  • Tilting – This factor determines the amount of shade provided by the umbrella. The tilting methods are – 1) crank, where you twist it till the desired tilt is reached, 2) collar, where it is spun on the frame for tilting, and 3) push-button, which is self-explanatory.
  • Canopy size – Calculate how much shade is required on your patio by measuring the dimensions from one end till the top, and then to the other end. The canopy size needs to be five feet bigger than the area to be covered. For example, if the area is about 8 feet, you need patio umbrellas of 13 feet (the canopy portion).
  • Opening technique – You can open an umbrella manually with the help of pulley system or use a push-button or crank to do so.
  • Fabric – The canopy fabric needs to be durable, provide adequate protection from UV rays, withstand harsh weather, and allow proper air circulation underneath.

You can search online for patio umbrellas at Costco, or look at other collections – just make sure you keep the above mentioned factors in mind.

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