Patio Landscaping Ideas: Discover Main Layout Types

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Rightly designed patio landscaping ideas will create perfect spaces for gatherings, eating and relaxing. Such spaces greatly increase outdoor enjoyment. On the other hand, either if an improper idea is chosen or a good one is implemented wrongly, your patio can be turned into a failure where you can’t feel comfortable and pleasant. That is why it is essential to consider what you are expecting from your patio design. For instance, if you need a place to welcome your close friends and enjoy pleasant time, consider creating a small comfy sitting area furnished with soft cushioned armchairs and a little coffee table.

However, in most cases people wish to turn their patios into really gorgeous spaces worthy spending much time in. For such purposes exterior designers offer unique landscaping ideas for patios. Skillful designers combine arcs and lines to create splendid squares, circles and triangles. Each outdoor room is to be planned and schemed not only to serve its purpose but also to get differentiated from another one.

So, patio landscaping ideas presume the following most common layouts:

  • Curvilinear
  • Radial
  • Rectilinear
  • Arc-and-Target
  • Irregular

Each of these layouts is unique in its own way. The Curvilinear layout, for instance, is used in larger areas where all the sweeping curves of the project are vivid and accentuate the size of the property. The Radial layout is a modern design intended for dynamic spaces. The Rectilinear layout is perhaps the most widely applied one for a more efficient space usage. The Arc-and-Target layout combines elements of all other types and is suitable for any architectural style. And the last Irregular layout is mostly used for irregularly shaped outdoor spaces. It includes multi-directional lines and is very effective with ultra-contemporary homes.

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