Outdoor BBQ Plans For Most Convenient And Practical OUtdoor Entertaining Zones

Outdoor stone bbq plans

Among plenty of diverse outdoor BBQ plans offered by prominent landscape and exterior designers, you are sure to come across the one that best suits your outdoor space. Depending on your garden/backyard dimensions, as well as your budget and house exterior you can create the BBQ area to welcome your guests and organize grandiose family gatherings. You can create any space from a personal pizza parlor to a tropical poolside retreat.

One of the most convenient plans for an outdoor BBQ is the cook’s corner. This plan presumes creating the grilling zone away from the dining area so that not to disturb your guests with the smoke or odors of your barbecue. Build the cook spot behind a stacked-stone privacy wall. This way you will have your comfort zone with no eyes peering at how you are cooking. Make sure the four-burner grill (preferably made of stainless steel) has under-counter carts to provide extra storage and trash space. Having a couple of sconces installed by the grill will bring a bonus via the possibility to cook when its dark outdoors.

However, if you feature a large garden or backyard, you can create a perfect dining spot. Using your old picnic tables, your outdoor fire pit and some other elements you will have a pretty entertaining zone. Install an opulent wooden gazebo at the far end of the space with some Adirondack wooden chairs around a fire pit not far from it. The decorative stone wall, meanwhile, will isolate yet keep not far the grilling and cooing area. This plan designed by Derek Stearns and Dean Marsico is one of a kind within all other outdoor BBQ plans.

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