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Every outdoor space has its landscaping design. Building a fire pit you must take it into great account. A grand concrete fire pit will look splendid in traditional, as well as rustic outdoor environments. Yet, it needs to be constructed very carefully. If there is any moisture trapped inside the concrete fire pit, it will bring forward cracks or even an explosion! Therefore, build your fire pit so that the heat does not come in direct contact with the concrete.

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Concrete Patio With Fire Pit

Picture: R Knoblich / Flickr

Fire Pit

That was made as an after thought from left over concrete from the patio. Some day I might remake it with some nice pavers. For now, it works.

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Picture: Custom Stone Midcities / Flickr

Stone Patio Companies Westlake

A stone stairway leads to a custom built fire pit and creates an overall luxurious outdoor living area.

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Picture: Custom Stone Dallas Tx / Flickr

Stone Design Dallas

Flagstone steps make an extravagant entrance to a custom built fire pit in Dallas.

Gripping Video Recording Concrete Patio With Fire Pit:

Stamped Concrete Patio with Fire Pit

Mario Jellencich from CNY Sealcoating and Concrete takes us through a stamped concrete patio and fire pit installation ...

How To Build a Circular Concrete Patio with Fire Pit and Retaining Wall

How to build a circular concrete patio with a fire pit and retaining wall. Brought to you by BIG AL.

Keep Fire Pits off of Concrete Patios, Sidewalks and Driveways – Property Damage Prevention

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Stone Fire Pit Ideas, Cement Fire Pit, How to Make Your Own Fire Pit.

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