How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms

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Are you taking into account growing oyster mushrooms? Maybe you defectiveness to make some extra cash or increase food even when the weather externality isn’t cooperating. Or perhaps you necessity to dip your toe into the nature of mushroom cultivation.

Whatever your understanding, you’ve come to the equitable place. Oyster mushrooms are mental for beginners because they are with reference to something else easy, quick and low-maintenance to expand. Oh yeah – and they’re palatable.

Way back in the daytime in 1993, I purchased my leading farm. To support my own husbandry endeavors, I took a job prudent a gourmet mushroom farm where I began a impassioned affair with oyster mushrooms. They true naturally appeal to the senses by a variety of colors and shapes.

There’s a thing so incredibly satisfying about twisting most distant a fresh mushroom that you’ve grown yourself. Not to cursory reference the money you can save upon your food bill in the projection.

Oyster mushrooms are something labor intensive to get started for the cause that you need to prepare the increasing material. But once you get them going, they’re easier to get than other popular mushrooms shiitakes or object of interest’s mane.

This instructor will focus on growing oyster mushrooms using substrates of stalk or sawdust. This method ensures a greater quantity controlled environment which means greater fruit and a better return on your investing. Ready to get started?


How to Plant Oyster Mushrooms

When growing oyster mushrooms, you be able to choose from several different mediums.  The greatest number popular and reliable substrates are stem and sawdust, though some people practice cardboard or cotton waste. You have power to also purchase pre-made substrates.

Using Straw

  • Chop or divide clean straw into 1 to 3-inch pieces. You have power to use a wood chipper for this.
  • Add the stem to a large tub of fiery water with a small amount of dish soap. Swish it round. Pour the soapy water out.
  • Rinse by clean water by running the garden flexible pipe over the straw.
  • Pasteurize by the agency of cooking straw in a large mug until it reaches 150°F.
  • Drain and reception it on a clean, sterilized little table.

This may appear to be like a lot of work – and it is – moreover studies show that a sterile environment maximizes fruit. If you plan to do multiple bags, it have power to help to set up an synod line system. Professional mushroom growers repeatedly invest in an autoclave to fare up the process.

On the other participation, if you want to experiment by just one or two bags, you have power to microwave the straw to sterilize it.

Only represent as much as you plan to employment right away.

Using Sawdust or Wood Pellets

Sawdust is one equally good medium for growing oyster mushrooms. The sawdust necessarily to be from hardwoods such for the reason that oak or hickory. You can summon your local sawmill and see granting that you can work out a deal.

Sawdust be required to be sterilized at a higher degree of heat than the straw because it be possible to contain mold spores which interfere by growth.

  • Bring sawdust to a seethe and cook for an hour.
  • Alternately, you be able to soak sawdust in a high-pH quicklime bath for 18 hours.
  • Cool (whether or not necessary).
  • Drain through a metal colander.

You be able to also microwave small batches of sawdust.

Hardwood pellets marketed with regard to wood smokers work well, especially subsequently to you don’t have to sterilize them. Soak the hardwood pellets in animate water to break them down, and they’re prompt to go.

Where to Get Spawn

Purchase offspring online from your favorite mushroom provider. You be possible to get grain spawn in different sizes and eligible for sawdust or straw substrates.

Grain filaments is generally shipped on rye hue and is actively growing mycelium. This is dissimilar from plugs which are used to vaccinate logs when growing types like shiitake mushrooms.


Let your substrate unexcited and check to make sure it has the lawful moisture level. You want it to put a bandage round together if you squeeze it in your palm and fingers, and some water should slowly dribble out. If a lot of sprinkle and calender comes out, it’s too rainy. If no water comes out and it doesn’t confirm, your substrate is too dry.

Now it’s time connect the mushroom spawn. Use about three pounds of hard roe per twenty-pounds of the substrate. Mix it in thoroughly, fracture up the clumps.

After everything is mingled well, place it in your bags. You be possible to purchase bags from mushroom supply companies or conversion to an act the larger 2-gallon plastic bags from in any degree big box store.

The mushroom bags repeatedly have holes already in them. If you pervert with money regular plastic bags, you’ll necessity to poke holes in the bags each 2-inches along the sides and foot.

Once you are bestowed with inoculation, you can breathe a bombastic sigh of relief. The hard character is over.

Caring For Your Oyster Mushrooms


Mushrooms privation to incubate so that they have power to grow. Place your bag in a well-off, dark area at about 65-75°F.

Dark be possible to mean a large closet, garage or put off. Growing oyster mushrooms in a conservatory is also possible with a hue cloth covering. I recommend shade ecclesiastics that is at least 50% shaded.

Mushrooms want good air circulation, so set up a cool or two if necessary. The cool should not be blowing right put on the bag but moving the conduct throughout the space. If your conservatory has large fans, place the bags at minutest 10-feet away.

Mushrooms put on’t like to be bothered, likewise place them in a corner or some other out of the way location.


After 3 to 4 weeks, depending put on the variety, the mycelium will wish established a good colony. You’ll subsist able to tell because the fill with dressing inside the bag will turn wan.

At this point, your colony force of will start to fruit. The pins (fruit buds) determination begin to come out of the holes in your wallet.

You can entice your mushrooms to bring forth fruit by misting the bag by warm water. Also, now is the time to permit your bags have indirect light. A boreal facing window works well.

You have power to cut a slit into the reticule to improve air circulation, which replicates the provisions a mushroom would experience as it grows on the outside of a log in the impetuous.


It takes relative to 5 or 6 days for them to expanse harvest size, so keep an watch on the mushrooms during this stage-wagon. Once you pluck a mushroom, the pins decision be very small and continue to increase outside of the bag. They exercise volition continually produce fruit over several months previous to the mycelium exhausts its energy.

Oyster Mushroom Kits

You have power to purchase oyster mushroom kits suppose that you want to take some of the labor out of the process. The swollen advantage of kits is that they are sincere to use. They come sterilized through pre-inoculated and colonizing mushrooms.

The downside is that they be possible to be expensive, especially the quality kits, and in that place are fewer variety options. Sometimes the cheaper kits aren’t cost it because they don’t generate well. Read reviews and buy from a respectable company.


Harvesting and storing

Harvest your mushrooms in advance of they begin dropping their spores. You have power to tell that’s about to befall when the outside edges of the beginning start to curl up. Another symptom that they’re ready for ingathering is when the heads begin to cajole out and stop growing.

To gather in, twist the mushroom off or divide it off with a knife.

In vague, mushrooms don’t have a drawn out shelf life. Oyster mushrooms, due to their thicker walls, prove a little bit better.

Store in a journal bag in the refrigerator. Oyster mushrooms contribute to come in groups. If you engender too many at once preserve them through drying.

Oyster mushrooms are high in protein – 30% by the agency of dry weight. They’re furthermore low in cholesterol, and they restrain molecule lovastatin which helps to reduce cholesterol levels. They’re a approved food with people on vegetarian and vegan diets on this account that they’re thick and meaty such they can be substituted for flesh in soups and stews.

Oyster mushrooms are superlatively good cooked. Eating many of them new can cause you to feel longing. They contain a protein called ostreolysin what one can be toxic if eaten chilly in large quantities. To avoid, color them to 140°F.

You’ve accomplished the work, now it’s time to have the advantage! Let us know how it goes, and subsist sure to share your favorite recipes in the comments.


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