What is a Pergola – Know all about It!

What To Cover A Pergola With


What is a pergola – This is a common question that many homeowners are asking these days. The concept might not have been that well-known, but it has definitely earned its share of fame now. It is essentially an outdoor structure that has support columns on the sides with the top being covered in latticed framework or beams that provide a shaded area underneath. The sides are generally left open.

What is the purpose of a pergola?

Efficient utilization of outdoor space

You don’t have to bother about creating an area for showcasing your outdoor furniture anymore – the pergola takes care of it. Get creative with outdoor décor right under the pergola with a couple of comfy bean bags, with a small coffee table in the center! You can build it in a way that one wall is attached to your home, so the furniture is protected from harsh weather.

Value addition to your home

Did you know that a pergola outside your home can increase your overall property value? It can transform a plain and dull landscape into something fun and unique. This structure can be presented as a cozy outdoor party venue in the privacy of one’s own home! These factors will be vital if you choose to sell your home in a few years.

Beautification of outdoors

 The tops of pergolas have beams or lattices that connect the columns – you can add different kinds of climbing plants here by intertwining them along the framework. Vines look trendy and chic, and you can also try dangling some hanging plants. In this way, you get to accentuate and add to the beauty of your garden and the outer area of your home.

The purpose of a pergola doesn’t really end here as it has a myriad of benefits – if you don’t have one at home, it is time to consider putting in a pergola right away!

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