Unbelievable Fire Pit Ring Liner

35 inch Fire Pit ring insert liner

If you are a DIY addict and intend to build a stone fire pit on your own, you simply can’t do without a fire pit liner. These liners are usually made of stainless steel (though other metal options are possible too) and feature a strong resistance towards high temperature. The dimensions of liners greatly differ. Therefore, depending on the size of the pergola you plan constructing, you can always find a matching fire pit liner!

Gallery of Fire Pit Ring Liner:

Informative Video Recording Fire Pit Ring Liner:

Steel Metal Fire Pit Ring Liner Insert 36 x 14


Stainless Steel Fire PIt Ring Liner/Insert

HigleyFirePits.com Ph 763-438-0356 If you use any material other than stainless steel for a fire pit liner/insert in my opinion you are throwing your money away.

Steel Metal Fire Pit Ring Liner Insert 30 X 14

30 Diameter x 14 Deep Made in Minnesota 316 thick hot rolled carbon steel We can build any custom size in 7-10 days Click below to buy on Amazon: ...

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