Steel Pergolas: Timeless Outdoor Treasures

Steel pergolas vic

Whether attached or freestanding steel pergolas promise to serve you a lifetime! Highly popular nowadays, these outdoor attributes bring about not only an amazing look to your garden but also create an utmost pleasant and comfortable place for resting and enjoying warm evenings. Moreover, when decorated with wild up-climbing roses or other plants these pergolas appear to be even more attractive! So, if you are intrigued with the perspective of enriching your garden with a sophisticated metal pergola, let us bring to your attention a couple of lovely models.

Luxurious Accent By Griffith Creek Designs

One of the most amazing pergolas made of steel is the Lattice Pavilion Pergola manufactured by Griffith Creek Designs. Costing $2,550 this gorgeous model will add a unique accent to your garden. With its splendid bronze lattice structure and a pretty coco thatched roof, the pergola is going to serve as the focal point in your entire outdoor space. You will have a comfortable seating place, color and delicate lighting right there in your garden. The pergola is made of heavy steel, hence is guaranteed to serve you a lifetime!

Gallery of Steel Pergolas: Timeless Outdoor Treasures

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