Retractable Pergola Roof Guarantees Privacy and Shade in Your Pergola

Retractable roof pergola sydney

To enjoy premium privacy and shade outdoors a retractable pergola roof can be a perfect variant. Retractable roofs have become especially popular in recent years. People have started to realize the great convenience and practicality of such a roof. Having installed it, you will be able to control the light and shade under your pergola. The necessity of such a construction is especially felt when you organize an outdoor party and it unexpectedly starts raining! At these moments you can instantly pull the roof close and open it to let the moonlight enter you pergola when the rain is over.

Shade Voila Retractable Canopies

Not to let the lifestyle of your dreams hinge on the weather, install a quality retractable roof for your pergola. The Shade Voila store offers retractable roofs as in fixed so custom sizes. The Shade Voila Fixed Size Canopy is made of Harbortime waterproof fabrics and comes in different colors. The operation of this pergola roof is manual.

Here in the store you can as well as choose a custom size retractable pergola roof. The operation of these roofs can be as manual, so motorized or at least rope. The piece is made of Harbortime fabrics yet it also comes with premium quality Sunbrella fabrics. The latter is both fire and water resistant. You can install these pergola roofs on as new so already existing pergolas. Both the custom size and the standard size retractable roofs are of premium quality and promise to serve you for many years to come.

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