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NEW Metal/Steel Fire Pit 26″, Build Your Own In Ground Wood Burning Fire Pit

Submerged fire pits have become very popular among DIY-addicts in recent times. For constructing your own in ground fire pit you won’t have to spend much time, money or efforts. Anyway, before starting the project, make sure the area is safe for digging – there are no pipes, cables or any other underground lines. Do not forget about building a drainage. Otherwise, your lovely in-ground fire pit may turn into a pool of mosquitoes! When constructing the fire pit, use only dry stones and quick drying cement.

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Fire Pit DIY

How to build a backyard firepit using simple tools and low cost supplies.

How to build an in ground fire pit

In this video I'll show you how I built an in ground fire pit. I used landscaping flagstone and construction adhesive. The total cost was about $80 and I've got a ...

Building a Cheap Firepit

I show taking apart my firepit and rebuilding it. The audio is a bit wonky at points, this was a bugger to edit together for some reason. Hope you can get some ...

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