Pergola Materials: Most Common Variants

Aluminum pergola materials

Such factors as pergola materials greatly influence on the durability and look of a product. Pergolas are amazing items that add unique charm to one’s outdoor lounging area. These shelters really make a statement in an outdoor environment making it more practical and pleasant to spend time in. So if you intend to increase the appeal of your backyard or garden consider placing a stylish pergola made of a proper material. As a rule, the following materials are used for creating pergolas:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought Iron

Wooden pergola is a grandiose means of adding a natural rustic appeal to one’s outdoor space. Wood as material for a pergola is greatly beneficial, as it is affordable, durable, really beautiful and easy to work with. These pergolas come already with pre-cut and pre-drilled pieces that immensely facilitate the installation of a wooden pergola. This means one can fulfill it on his own. What refers the finish options, they are diverse. You can meet as painted so natural wooden pergolas with the latter as the most commonly met.

Anyway, a more modern and sleek look your outdoor space can acquire with a metal pergola. Available in a large array of designs and colors, metal pergolas are made to last a lifetime. Metal pergola materials are durable and weather resistant. If steel pergolas are the sturdiest ones in the market, aluminum pergolas are the cheapest ones. Wrought iron pergolas are also very popular today. They offer unique sophisticated appeal to one’s backyard with their intricate design elements.

Gallery of Pergola Materials: Most Common Variants

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