Pergola Ends Determine The Look Of Your Pergola

Cutting pergola ends

The beauty of a pergola greatly depends on pergola ends. Correctly chosen design of end cuts as well as rafter tails do really increase not only the beauty of the pergola but also that of your entire outdoor space. Today, craftsmen offer a wide array of fantastic end cut designs that can suit any pergola style and design. The most widely chosen end cut designs are the following ones:

  • Curve
  • Sleek
  • Chamfer
  • Traditional
  • Crescent

These are the primary designs that come with ready-made pergola kits.

Anyway, there are also other more developed and intricate pergola end designs. These are:

  • Champion
  • Roosevelt
  • Roosevelt Step
  • Crescent
  • Crescent Step
  • Axis Step
  • Condensed Viking
  • Norse
  • Saxon
  • Japanese
  • Celtic

Each of the above mentioned designs catches eye with its unique elegance and charm that is easily transferred to the whole pergola. If you are planning to build your pergola on your own, you can apply particularly the end design that you loved the most. For this you will need a certain type of a saw.

However, you can as well tell your wishes about the style, shape and end cut when ordering a pergola. The more intricate the design of pergola ends is chosen, the higher the price may be. There are several astonishingly beautiful end cut designs that may raise the price of your pergola while upgrading its look. These designs are Charleston, Wilmington, Savannah and Spartan. These are perhaps the most elaborate and exquisite ones that look fantastic on especially medium-size and large pergolas.

Gallery of Pergola Ends Determine The Look Of Your Pergola

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