Pergola Definition: Explanation And Usage

Arbor pergola definition

Nowadays more and more people have started to look for the pergola definition. People come across this unknown word and read about the importance of it. This surely makes them wander in the endless net called the internet! This article will serve you as a short definition for this word. Pergola is a passageway made with columns and supported by a trelliswork roof. This item is used as a support for up climbing plants.

Looking for a definition of pergola, you will meet different explanations, not all of which are right. This word has a Latin-Italian origin. In these languages the word means a projection eave, yet initially in old Latin it meant “to come forward”. Nowadays you can meet this word in Italian also as a vine arbor as well. In all cases the definitions have the identical core, which is now used to describe the word.

Anyway, inspite of pergola definition, garden owners and gardeners know well the essence of this word. Working for many years in various gardens, they come across numerous types of pergolas everyday. Nowadays pergolas have been refined in structure and appearance. These wonderful items today appear more decorative and intend to save garden from the sun’s scorching rays. Moreover, the new technologies available today, bring forward numerous types of pergolas including solar power pergolas, gabled, pitched, open top and sail pergolas. Each of these types provides certain advantages, yet their purpose remains the same – to provide growth for up stretching plants, save garden from sunrays and enhance a beautiful look to the garden area!

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