Pergola Canopies Bring Shade And Style To Your Outdoor Environment

Custom pergola canopies

Quality and beautiful pergola canopies are simple obligatory if you love to spend your free time outdoors under your pergola. These items not only provide the necessary amount of shade and protect the garden furniture placed under the pergola against unfavorable weather elements, but also add a chic style to your outdoor exterior. Moreover, with the great diversity of styles, designs and materials these canopies are available in, it is always possible to find the style that will create the mood you wish.

Original Canopy Style

If you are after something unique and extraordinary, you are sure to love a wonderful canopy for your pergola made of panels of wood fastened in a way to bring a woven look. This style offered by talented modern designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz, will provide a moderate shade you need to enjoy fresh air under your pergola. Yet, what attracts most in this canopy style is its incredibly stylish design!

Retractable Canopies

Nevertheless, unlike the above described canopy style which is applied rarely, today retractable pergola canopies are especially popular and widespread. This canopy type has a series of advantages typical to exceptionally retractable pergola canopies. Having installed one, you will be able to add or remove certain panels in order to either increase or decrease the width and length of the canopy, regulate the amount of shade in a few seconds, easily remove particularly the section that was damaged by a strong weather element, as well as remove and later reinstall your pergola canopy in case you need to clean, repair or winterize it.

Gallery of Pergola Canopies Bring Shade And Style To Your Outdoor Environment

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