Patio shading on a budget for you with cantilever patio umbrella

Sonoma Outdoors Lighted Cantilever Patio Umbrella Parts

You’ve maxed out your budget on your new patio and you still need to have some sort of shading to keep you and your family protected from sun, wind and rain, but with little money left in the kitty you’re not going to be able to afford much that’s for certain, but there are alternatives. Often overlooked as a shading option for your patio is the cantilever patio umbrella. These umbrellas are so versatile and are a very inexpensive shading option for your outdoor area or patio. Usually offering about 6.7 metres of cover and shade under the canopy, there are larger ones available as well if you would like and they are easily operated by winding up for opening and closing and can be stored and folded up easily, the umbrella can be tilted and rotated and be either wall mounted or free standing.

Cantilever patio umbrella at Costco, is probably your best bet if your budget is tight. The base models start around $114.99 and range to $199.99. If you’re seeking a bigger umbrella with more functionality then the prices can quickly go much higher. If you’re not sure what to get, on the Costco website, there is quite a large number of responses on the cantilever patio umbrella reviews section and you will find out just about all you need to know from other people who have bought them and whether the umbrella is priced right and if it is suitable for you or not.

Another option to consider is the cantilever patio umbrella sunbrella. Sunbrella umbrellas are made with a sunbrella fabric which is a copyrighted fabric. Made from 100% solution dyed acrylic, sunbrella’s have lush colors, are durable and provide very good UV protection. They are also quite inexpensive starting around the $170 mark.

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