Patio Drainage Solutions To Keep Your Patio Dry

Patio drainage solutions with pavers

Patio drainage solutions are highly important in patio building. Usually patios, drives and paths are built with a light slope to let the water gathered on the surface drain away. Yet, this turns to be not enough to solve the problem of rainwater. Choosing the right system of drainage allows to have a constantly dry outdoor surface irrespective of the weather outside. There are different companies operating in the market that offer high quality drainage systems. It offers the following systems and solutions:

  • Lawn Aeration/Lawn Tyne Aeration
  • Sand Filled Tyne Aeration
  • Sub Soil Core Holes
  • Under-Lawn Porous Media Layer
  • Under-Lawn Drainage System
  • Pumped Drainage Capture Chamber

Depending on your patio size, shape and landscape drainage solutions for patio that the company provides differ. Without having a proper drainage system rainwater will roll back to the patio foundation bringing forward an erosion. However, there are many ways to provide effective drainage for your patio without applying to specialized companies.

While some soils perfectly hold water others drain too quick. So, if you find the rainwater still stands you can install a patio drain tying into a drain pipe. The pipe is to be run under the patio pavers right to the space to handle the outflow. Afterwards, you can install a French drain to give a solution to the water flowing out. This is among the easiest patio drainage solutions that you can make out of on your own without applying to any specialist.

Gallery of Patio Drainage Solutions To Keep Your Patio Dry

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