Patio Designs Fire Pits: Romantic And Cozy Patios

Stone patio designs fire pit

The diversity of patio designs fire pits offered by talented exterior designers come to prove people love to combine practicality and beauty in creating their outdoor entertaining spaces. As fire pits today come in great many shapes and designs, it is more than possible to create the space that thoroughly meets your expectations. Placing a fire pit in your patio, you will love to spend all your free evenings there around a warm fire. Just make sure the model you choose, completes the exterior of the patio.

Romantic Patio

If you plan to make your patio the most romantic place to enjoy your rest with your beloved in privacy, then consider the project offered by Debora Carl. This design of a patio with a fire pit implies the usage of a gas fire pit-bowl with marvelous dark red fire glass in the middle surrounded with two reclining armchairs and a lovely loveseat. The chairs must be made more attractive and comfortable with a red-colored soft cushion on each. Meanwhile the loveseat is to be decorated with a red blanket that can also serve for enhancing the feel of comfortability. To make all this private, plant a voluminous bush near each chair and the loveseat.

Cozy Patio

If you plan to make your fire pit the focal point in the patio, then give some consideration to the design by Voula Goutsos. The gas-fueled flames of the fire pit look especially wonderful with unique flat stones placed in the whole surface of the huge oval stone-fire pit. The seating around the fire pit is to have light grey coloring with no special accents so that the marvelous fire pit becomes the center of attention. Surely there are other splendid patio designs fire pits, yet the above-described two designs are really worth paying attention to.

Gallery of Patio Designs Fire Pits: Romantic And Cozy Patios

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