Marquee Tent: Unique Look And Premium Practicality In One

Marquee tents to buy

Marquee Tent Company has been established to supply special events including wedding celebrations, outdoor parties or festivals with incredibly stylish and wonderful tents. Exclusively the latest equipment and designs were used in creating each and every model. Here you can come across to such unique pieces, as extraordinary lighting fixtures, cutting-edge styles, as well as leveled flooring along with tent decors that are all available in the most fashionable color shade. These aspects will help not only to make your celebrations complete but also set new tendencies in the industry.

Tents are usually available in the following four styles:

  • Frame
  • Marquee
  • Pole
  • Structure

And even though you can find pretty models of tents in marquee style, be sure the Marquee Tents store will provide you with a wonderful model to make your festival as unforgettable as never before! Generally these style of tents is a mixture of frame and pole tents revealing the most significant advantages of both styles in one. Having a marquee tent you will have the wonderful showiness of a pole tent along with the installation benefits that frame tents feature.

A marquee tent is available in pretty many sizes that are intended for covering as large spaces so small ones. For instance you can have a small one for wedding cakes, entry ways, buffet lines, shade seating of festive boots. Yet you can also order a grandiose stylish one to include all these parts under one roof! For instance you can order a festival marquee tent in 20″ x 20″ size at such a low cost as $280 while a 40′ hex marquee tent at $780 at the Marquee Tents store.

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