How to lay patio stones For Use?

How To Lay Patio Stones Without Cement

How to lay patio stones is the most important question that you may have in mind? Is this a problem you have faced or facing now? The answer is here. Read this article to get to know about how to lay the patio stones in detail which will help you. Let’s see the steps on laying the patio stones.

The first step is to layout the patio. With using batter boats and mason’s line you can firstly layout the outline of patio. Then what you need to do is checking the layout lines are in a level using water level or the line level.  Now, you may have the question like, how to lay patio stone on dirt? Well, the process is very much similar to the one being described, so read on buddy!

You should make sure that the comers are square which are using 3-4-5 triangle method. And then you must draw a mark which is 3 feet away from comer on a line and then draw another point which is 4 feet away from the alternative comer line.

You can come to a conclusion that if the length is approximately 5 feet, that this comer is square in shape. If the measurement shows that it is not equal to five feet, you should adjust your equipments to find the end results. This should be a repeated process for each of the comer. In addition to this, you should keep in mind the diagonal patios even. For example, for the comers which are square in shape, the diagonals will be equal. However, if you find that it is not so, you will need a framing square in order to observe what comer not located in the square and also the diagonals are equal.  Then you must correct it and then repeat this for the second and the consecutive steps.

Now, we know that you might be thinking how to lay patio stones sand. Well, the process is same. All you need to do is make sure that the part is firmly placed. The rest is all complete.

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