How To Build A Simple Pergola: Basic Steps To Follow

How To Make A Simple Pergola

How to build a simple pergola? If you have the necessary material, time, effort and will to devote to the construction then this short article is going to briefly present the main steps for the building process. The below described pergola is a beautiful yet quite simple model to start your “pergola building ability” with. It will not hide you away from rain or wind, yet is sure to provide midday pastime along with amazing look for your garden or yard. The material chosen for this construction is the cedar, which is highly resistant toward decay, yet you can choose the wood type you prefer most of all.

So, to build a simple pergola you will need to follow the following few steps. First of all comes installing the posts. For this you will need to lay out their positions, mark and screw them. Afterwards holding the posts you are to nail the anchors into the wood. The next step will be devoted to the attachment of the supporting beams. The length of your wooden support beams must be 2 x 6. The notches of these beams must be cut in curved design. Clamping them in their places make sure they are level. Afterwards using ten screw with three inches each you are to secure the beams.

After these primary steps, you will need several others to give a final answer to the question “how to build a simple pergola“. These are…

  • Adding Of The Crossbeams
  • Trimming The Braces And Trims
  • Fitting The Slats On Top
  • Posts Capping

All the steps described above will help you to build your first pergola. Afterwards you will be able to develop your skills and create even more complicated and beautiful models.

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