How To Build A Fire Pit On A Patio: Easy And Fast Project To Try

How big to make a fire pit patio

Looking through the tutorials of how to build a fire pit on a patio you realize that this is possible with quite a small budget and in quite a short time period. All that you need is choosing a proper fire pit or fire ball, retaining wall rocks and a ready patio. Fire pit options are large, the Living Accents 35″ round fire pit can go marvelously. Yet, you can as well choose another model with other shape and size.

So, to start our little project of building a fire pit on your patio that is supposed to take as little as approximately half an hour, we first need to lay the ground of the patio. If you opt for stone floors, you will be able to assemble the fire pit right on the floor. Otherwise, you will have to take measures. Once it is done, pass on laying the retaining wall blocks tightly around the fire pit cover. These blocks must be firmly fastened in the front whilst backs may have some gaps. If you have chosen a 35″ round fire bowl, you will need about fifteen blocks per row. To bring some color hue, you can select tan, gray, brown and other color retaining blocks. The color palette, yet, must coincide with that of your patio exterior.

Once the first row of blocks is set, the fire pit lid can be removed. Apply two other rows staggering from the first one. If your fire pit is higher, you can go for another row, too. It’s optional. The next step of our project how to build a fire pit on a patio is working on the insert. The fire pit bowl is to be inserted into the ring of stones. See what an easy, quick and at the same time beautiful project this was!

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