Pergola Attached To House: Advantages And Conditions

Attaching Pergola To House Fascia

Constructing a pergola attached to house intends to create a graceful transition from the indoor space to the outdoor on. This type of construction needs to have two supporting posts instead of four ones that any free-standing pergola requires. Meanwhile the main beams of a pergola attached to house extend form the house being supported by the house wall itself. This means that it will cost you relatively less to have an attached pergola rather than a free-standing one.

Pergola Attached To House: Permission And Taxes

Anyway, when choosing a pergola attached to house, be prepared to get a permit for constructing an attached pergola. Moreover, this will cost you additional taxes impacting on your mount bills as well. To find out whether you are allowed to construct such an item without getting a permit or not, check out local municipality. Anyway, if you still need a permit, you can avoid it as well as additional taxes by building your construction with posts at least 6″ from the house wall no way having an anchor to the wall.

Covered Pergola Attached To House: Great Advantage

Having a covered pergola attached to house you will have an extra room space that can be used as both a part of the house or separately as a garden part. Depending on your congruence, you can furnish this area turning it into a rest place, or decorate the space with flowers or up growing plants to acquire a wilder appearance. In all cases you can find various advantages of an attached pergola.

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