Fabulous Fire Pit Bowl Inserts

Round Bowl 19″ Pan Manual Ignition Fire Pit Insert (NG)

If you are a DIY addict and intend to build a stone fire pit on your own, you simply can’t do without a fire pit liner. These liners are usually made of stainless steel (though other metal options are possible too) and feature a strong resistance towards high temperature. The dimensions of liners greatly differ. Therefore, depending on the size of the pergola you plan constructing, you can always find a matching fire pit liner!

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37SSHWIHCLP 37in Bowl Pan High Capacity Complete Electronic Ignition Firepit Insert for LP


30X12SSHWIHLP 30X12in Rectangular Bowl Pan Complete Electronic Ignition Firepit Insert


PENTA37FPPK 37in Bowl Pan with Penta Burner Manual SparkFlame Sensing Firepit Insert


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