Cedar Gazebo For Luxury Outdoor Spaces

Cedar gazebo with aluminum roof costco

The high quality and exceptional elegant look of a cedar gazebo make this gazebo type highly appreciated by customers. These gazebos come in different shapes including as rectangle so octagonal. You can have as free-standing so attached pergolas depending on your outdoor space landscape, size and the purpose the pergola is to serve for. Today, with great many companies offering various pergola kits to assemble in a couple of hours, one is certain to find particularly the size, shape and design of a cedar pergola he needs.

The Cedar Wood 12″x12″ Gazebo by Yardistry is one of the best selling models of the market. This marvelous gazebo with cedar posts features a solid aluminum roof. Costing $1,400 this luxury gazebo will not only expand your outdoor entertaining zone making it more practical, but also bring a unique feel of style to the space around. The seven posts (each 7″) are finished with classic plinths and beautifully carved sleek gussets. The gazebo is entirely made of 100% natural cedar lumber and finished with a tugboat brown finish that has warm-looking stains.

The Valley View Lumber is a popular destination for those who look for premium quality and uniquely designed cedar outdoor constructions. Here you can find beautiful cedar hot tub enclosures, log gazebos, pergolas, sheds, cabins and of course gazebos. The store offers to have your cedar gazebo custom made to your needs. Be sure you are going to face a stunning selection of designs, sizes and shapes here.

Gallery of Cedar Gazebo For Luxury Outdoor Spaces

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