Best patio ideas start with proper planning

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Before you even think about putting a patio together it is best to lay out all your patio ideas in front of you, either write them down or take pictures / picture samples of what you want and how you would like it to look. Planning ahead is essential to having a patio that is not only good looking but also has practical, functional use.

 First you should determine what you want your patio for, do you want it as a gathering place or a getaway space?  Once you have worked that out, now you must decide on what location you want the patio to be in. Location, location, location is so very important. If you listen to the pro’s they will tell you, most patios should be accessed from the kitchen. However, it really is up to the house owner and what you want for your home. If you are an entertainer type of person you would be wise to have the patio closest to the kitchen but if you want a hideaway patio then another location would be best.

 When planning where to put your patio it will important for you to consider factors relating to your property such as vantage points, neighboring homes, your current landscape, etc etc so you need to walk around your property and determine what’s best for you. With the world always advancing in technology there is help for you in the form of a patios ideas emulator, which can be usually  found in most do-it-yourself stores these days and it is a worthwhile exercise to put all your ideas in the emulator and see what sort of patios it comes up with.

 Once you have done this then don’t forget to plan for your patios size, shape, colors, materials used and any extras such as a fire pit or water feature.  If you plan it right you’ll have the best patio in the street.

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