2 Person Patio Swing With Canopy For More Pleasant Summer Evenings

Patio swing 2 seater

2 person patio swing with canopy is a marvelous choice for small size patios. This size of a patio swing is highly popular as it is convenient, practical and quite affordable as compared with big ones. Today various models of swings are available, yet this brief article will reveal the most widely required ones. These are the models by the Coral Coast. So if you need to purchase one of these products, be sure you can find it at not that high cost.

The Terra Cotta Coral Coast Long Bay 2 Person Canopy Swing is a wonderful patio swing that is going to provide you a wonderful pastime outdoors. This patio canopy swing for two persons has a sturdy metal frame that features a rich brown finish. Meanwhile the upholstery of this patio swing is of polyester fabric, which is durable enough to stand against intense usage for many years. Moreover, there are also two soft pillows that add extra comfortability and stylish appeal to this $220 costing patio swing.

Another wonderful 2 person patio swing with canopy is again offered by the Coral Coast. This is the Bellora 2 person model. Costing approximately $280, this rustic style swing is made of high quality resin wicker. This means you can be calm for your swing under pouring rain. Moreover, you can take it to the poolside and enjoy its service beside water. Another advantage of this model is the side small tables intended for your iced teas or lemonades making your summers perfect! Anyway, what else that makes this model unique is its wonderful rustic design.

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