10 x 10 Pergola Creates Fantastic Outdoor Entertaining Zones

Plans for a 10 x 10 pergola

For a medium size or large garden a 10 x 10 pergola can work well. This is the size of a pergola that allows to place a comfy seating set under it creating a fabulous resting zone in an outdoor environment. Today you can find truly awesome pergolas made of vinyl, wood or metal. The construction types as well as designs differ making it possible to find particularly the pergola that will best meet your requirements.

The Arcadia 10ft x 10ft Composite Pergola is one of the bestselling models today. This pergola in 10ft x 10ft size is a recycled wood pulp and vinyl construction. The whole beauty of the pergola is provided with a warm cedar finish and amazing roof structure. The advantage of this pergola is the unique blend of vinyl and recycled wood. Due to this combination, the pergola features both the attractive look of wood and the maintenance-free feature of vinyl material. The only thing that this model needs to preserve its fabulous look is occasional rinsing. Purchasing this pergola at about $1,200 a customer gets a ten-year warranty.

Another fantastic 10 x 10 pergola is the Avalon Louvered Vinyl Pergola sold at $1, 700. This amazing pergola features a unique adjustable louvered system that makes it possible to have the exact amount of shade you need. Meanwhile the white bright coloring and the look of natural wood provided by the vinyl material make this pergola a grandiose outdoor exterior element. Obtaining this pergola you get a stunning addition to your backyard, garden or patio.

Gallery of 10 x 10 Pergola Creates Fantastic Outdoor Entertaining Zones

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